Welcome to the World Ricky B


On February 11th (6 days over due) my mom, Chris, and I went in for a routine stress test to check my fluid levels before my scheduled induction on the 12th. The Doctor found that my fluid levels were lower than a few days before and that the baby was a bit sluggish. He sent us straight over to the hospital to start the process to get induced that day— we were all taken so off guard. Ready or not, it was baby time!

We arrived at the hospital around 10:30 am. I was already hungry but the Doctor suggested that I not eat anything until I checked into the hospital. The (grumpy) nurse told me I should have eaten before heading over because I could potentially be in labor for 24-36 hours 🙄 It’s safe to say that I was immediately hangry at the thought of pushing out an 8 pounder with nothing but a bowl of cream of wheat at 9:00 am to hold me over. The nurse started the Pitocin at 11:30 am and I was feeling contractions soon after. I labored for 4 hours before asking for the epidural, but once the epidural kicked in around 5 pm, I was feeling fiiiine. The doctor came in and broke my water and I immediately started puking. But it wasn’t until about 10:00 pm that I started feeling those deep active labor contractions. The nurses had a shift change by then and I was lucky enough to have a WONDERFUL nurse named Olivia for the remainder of the experience. She offered more of the epidural drip since I was feeling all the contractions, but I decided not to so that I could feel the need and urgency to push. Unfortunately Ricky’s head was turned to the side causing a “coupling” effect and making me have two contractions back to back and making them each almost two minutes with only a minute apart. At 10:45 pm I told Olivia that I needed to push. She grabbed my dead weight leg and asked Chris to hold the other one. I pushed for 45 minutes before Ricky baby made his way out. His blue body and cone head were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I couldn’t stop saying “I can’t believe it” in between sobs, and one month later, I still can’t believe it! He was eight pounds, three ounces, and was 22.5 inches long. The nurses all said that he was so long he just kept coming and coming.

We decided to name him Eric Bret Norton, and call him Ricky. I never imagined I’d someday name a baby Eric, let alone Ricky. During the whole pregnancy I tried to find names that both Chris and I loved and that was in with trends. I had a few names in mind that I liked, but Chris and I could not agree for the life of us. The weekend before I gave birth we were walking around a Marshalls and we both decided to name him after the two most important men in our lives, our dads. I really wanted the name to mean something, not just sound cool. I want Ricky to grow up and aspire to live up to his names. I want him to be kind, selfless, forgiving, and patient like his grandpa Bret. I want him to be intelligent, artistic, adventurous, and an overachiever like my daddy, his grandpa Eric. My great grandfather, Cleve Curtis nicknamed my dad Ricky as a boy, and lucky for me, my favorite cousin is named Ricky- It all seemed to fit. So far our guy’s nicknames are adding up: Ricky B, Ricky Boy, Baby Ricky/Ricky Baby, Ricky Bobby, Slick Rick, Rico, Enrique, and of course, The Little Prince.

Child birth is 100% the hardest physical thing I’ve ever done, but the few weeks after child birth have been the toughest emotional thing I’ve ever experienced. I was crying everyday out of fear, exhaustion, loneliness, and reasons I still don’t understand. My hormones are now just barely getting back in check four weeks later. Motherhood has blown my mind in so many ways. Every day I am learning and trying to be better for this new precious life I have been blessed to guard. It’s been four weeks of Ricky and we can’t get enough!

Our amazing photographer/videographer captured our first moments together. If you are looking for a photographer and videographer, she is amazing (find her at @jackilynboehme on insta!). We loved having Jackilyn there- she has provided us with the most precious gift of memories. See the birth video she made us below ♡

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  1. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing Anica. I can remember holding you as a baby. Where did the time go. Congratulations to you and Chris. Can’t wait to meet little Ricky. Love the name. Love to all.

  2. Congratulation Anica and Chris….for baby Ricky B…..I so happy with you….😘💕

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