Two Years ♥


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Two years being married to my love! TWO YEARS! How does time fly by so quickly?? Chris is such a catch, and sometimes I still can’t believe he is all mine. I read this quote the other day and have been processing it while anticipating our second anniversary.

“Marriage can be more an exultant ecstasy than the human mind can conceive” Spencer W. Kimball

Getting married at 20 years old is probably average within the LDS community, but it is YOUNG outside of it. I was questioned (mostly condescendingly) on the regular while engaged: “You haven’t lived yet!”, “You are still a baby!”, “You are going to miss out on so much!” —  Although I appreciate that they care about me enough to ask these valid questions, all that this life has to offer, I want to experience it alongside him. I do not want to travel alone, or go dancing alone (two of my most favorite hobbies), and honestly, I would not have had the confidence to tackle so much schooling if I did not have someone to share the load with. That is what it is all about. Finding someone who picks you up, who compliments your strengths, and allows you the space and encouragement to continue to blossom and become your own person all while still anchoring onto the “we” that a marriage entails. On the outside looking in, marriage is hard. So hard and not at all what we expect. But you learn and you grow and above all else put each other first and get to catch glimpses of what that “exultant ecstasy” that our human minds cannot foresee is like. And in that moment you know that you have found happiness.

I can remember everything about our wedding day. August 10th, the day before my parent’s anniversary (they are celebrating 30 years tomorrow!). I wanted to really soak it all in because I knew it was going to be one of the best days I would have on this planet. And it was. I still can’t thank my friends and family enough for the most perfect wedding! I cannot go back and relive it, but I can rewatch our wedding video ^^ over and over and over again. Which I do. Year three up ahead.. Let’s see if we can hang 😉

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