Ricky Goes to the Beach


Before returning back to work from maternity leave I really wanted to take a weekend and go to the beach with Ricky. I knew that my “free time” was about to be limited, and this was my last attempt to take advantage of what I had left.

First off, the Rick B is a little travel bug – he slept the whole drive there and back to San Diego! We rented a cute, little beach house Airbnb just 10 minutes walking from the dog beach (Ruby loves the beach). All we did that weekend was eat tacos, sit at the beach, drive up the coast, and walk through beach shops. Ricky even slept through the night for the very first time while there! Typically we love to go out to eat, but now that Ricky is starting to sleep at night, I hate to wake him up once he is asleep around 7:45 pm. So, instead we had Italian food delivered (with two cans of ice cold cokes have you), and we ate it in the living room while watching The Warriors game. I never thought that that would describe a perfect evening for me, but here I am 🤗.

Now, a little over a month later, we are prepping for Ricky’s first flight this weekend to Utah. Can’t wait to visit the whole world with him.