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If you didn’t already know, I work as the social media specialist for the dress company, JUNIEblake. This is what I live for. Seriously. I am constantly “working” in the sense that my brain never turns off of marketing brainstorming (+ neither does my phone). The fact that they make the cutest dresses is just a bonus! But is anything really that cute if it is uncomfortable? Take Jeans– I love them and have a billion, but I can only spend like 3 hours in jeans anymore because of the new found comfort I’ve sought out in dresses. Especially in the summer. Without being too dressy, the Janna t-shirt dress is easy to wear and easy to style. Virtually impossible for anyone to mess up! FIVE colors to choose from, including the featured Jade. You’ll find wearing this dress just as comfortable as another day in yoga pants, and certainly more flattering, for many of us anyways 😉 Quick, somebody advise the “people of Walmart”!

Dress, Vest, Heels from Sorellas Elite Fashion (find on Instagram @sorellaselitefashion)