The Basics


Wow. Mixed emotions about this blog. I started the process of creating one multiple times but always decided against it, but I am so excited to have a space of my own to post anything I feel like posting! A central location for my thoughts, videos, pictures– A whole lotta clothes, my family, traveling adventures, and whatever the heck I feel like. Its a pretty liberating sensation. However, I can’t shake the feeling that I am becoming more and more basic. Ya know the Starbucks drinking, selfie taking, duck lips, that everyone really cannot get enough of. But I keep telling myself that I am different than the rest of the saturated blogging world (my mom thinks so too 😉 ) and that I will regret it if I never start one! So hey when better to start a time consuming blog, then when I am about to start the hardest year of schooling of my life?? Bear with me and I will try to convince you that I am cool, maybe a little basic, but still cool.

My name is Anica Rose, that is my first name, but most just call me Anica. I am married to the handsome, beautifully haired man named Chris and we both just recently finished undergrad at Arizona State University, where I will begin my masters in Business in LESS THAN A MONTH. Yikes. Ruby is our mini goldendoodle puppy dog that we love and treat like our own offspring. Last night Chris even joked about me getting stretch marks from birthing Ruby hahahaha.. too much info?? We love to dance (ok mostly me) and shop (me again),  and travel. Follow along to experience life + hang out with me via the internet 🙂


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    1. you are the first person that i have ever followed. i do not know what that even means, but i trust you, anica rose, that it will be nice.

  1. You are such an inspiration! I’m in love with your cute little fam bam and your style! I won’t lie this blog makes me pretty dang happy! Keep it goin girl! I’m quite excited to stay updated with your awesome life! :] Love you!

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