25 Ain’t So Bad




TODAY i am 25

A quarter of a century old. An actual adult. Grown up things like  buying a house and having babies aren’t so strange anymore. Gotta start saving for retirement. Metabolism is slowing down and the wrinkles are coming! But in all seriousness, I am actually excited for year 25. I can feel things shifting– this will for sure be a new chapter in life especially with all the life changes that are happening right now.

Typically I write about travel or Family and events, but today is my birthday and so in true birthday fashion here are 25 fun facts about yours truly!

1. Anica Rose is my FIRST name and I was named after my Spanish grandmas– great grandmother Anica and Nana Rose.
2. I’ve never had a bloody nose.
3. Kraft Macaroni and cheese and a can of coke is my ultimate comfort food.
4. I went to cosmetology school during undergrad and worked in the salon for a year.
5. It is possible that I peed my pants in 7th grade from laughing too hard at a slumber party. 
6. I know ALL THE WORDS to Aaron Carter’s “Aaron’s Party” and will rap it on command. 
7. I wish I was a drummer.
8. Traveling cross country in a airstream trailer is on the top of my bucket list.
9. I’d love to have a pet cow (must be brown with floppy ears).
10. Chris and I have seen Michael Cera (guy from Juno) twice! Once in LA and once on the subway in New York.
11. I love getting dressed up and having somewhere to go.
12. Chris Brown is my guilty pleasure.
13. I am so afraid of bees.
14. My favorite Christmas music is by Chicago.
15. I’ve sprained my right ankle three times.
16. This is no secret but I loooove to dance.
17. My family once stumbled upon the filming set of the tv show, Lost.
18. Chris messaged me on Facebook five years ago and I ignored it (hehe sorry).
19. I’ve watched Gilmore Girls (and The Office) at least four times all the way through. Nothing beats those two shows.
20. I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.. or babies.
21. My family has shopped at Marshalls/TJ Maxx since before us kids were born. When we go to a new city we always go to a Marshalls or TJ Maxx and send each other pictures in front of it. One time I was in England and went to TK Maxx (its TK instead of TJ there??) and sent my dad a picture. At the EXACT SAME MOMENT he was in Boston and sent me a picture in front of a Boston TJ Maxx!
22. I live for full circle moments that give life meaning.
23. Friends are hard to find so I hold tight to the ones that are good to me.
24. In so many ways I am turning into my mother!
25. As a kid my dream job was to be a Dairy Queen girl. When I was 16 I applied and they didn’t hire me lol.

25 aint so bad!

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  1. You are a very smart and mature 25. You know your priorities and are very loyal and caring in every way.You are making alot of difficult decisions and have goals to reach. I wish you the best of everything and I love you very much.xoxoAuntie Trini

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