Maui, Hawaii


When Chris and I were engaged, he surprised me with a honeymoon trip to Hawaii. It was a big surprise to say the least, one I never thought could or would be duplicated. Despite my general lack of secret keeping, I was able to return the favor for our 6th wedding anniversary/his 29th birthday. I called our friends Dallin and Britt and we booked the flight without him knowing (it was slightly terrifying, haha, what if the dates didn’t work?). I ended up telling him about it three weeks before the trip so that he could make sure not to schedule work appointments for that week, and he was surprised! Maybe the only time I’ve ever really surprised him 🙂

We stayed at this Airbnb right on the Kamaole III beach in Kihei. The place was so great – just remodeled, super comfortable, and amazing because it was equipped with umbrellas, boogie boards, sand toys, and anything else you might need but wouldn’t travel with. Every morning Ricky would wake up around 4:45 or 5 am (a jet lagged baby who already didn’t sleep well). Him and I would walk down to the beach and watch the sunrise while I fed him his pureed fruit for breakfast. Once the sun was up we walked all around the neighborhood checking out the shops and grocery stores (my favorite thing to do in new places). It was exhausting to be up that early, but the mornings on the sand with just me and my boy were unforgettable, and actually ended up being my absolute favorite part of the whole trip. It reminded me of my only other memory in Maui, from a family trip when I was 7 or 8. I can vividly remember waking up before the sun (jet lag) and going in to my parent’s bedroom. My mom got up and made me a peanut butter and guava jelly sandwich and we watched the sunrise from the balcony. It has always been a pleasant memory, but only now do I fully appreciate her love and selflessness.

Most days were spent at the beach, but one day we took the rental car and drove through the Road to Hana. If you are not familiar, it’s a trek that has several stops and waterfalls along the way. Many people hike through the stops and waterfalls, but we opted to drive, especially with a baby. But we did of course stop a few times – the waterfalls and the black sand beach were absolutely gorgeous. Another excursion we took was a day sail on a catamaran! Ricky’s first boat ride. We sailed out to sea, ate lunch on the boat, and snorkeled with the fish.

I asked Chris, Dallin, and Britt what their favorite part of the trip was and here’s they said:
Chris: When Mother Earth body slammed me into the bottom of the ocean floor
(haha so dramatic, he’s talking about boogie boarding)
Dallin: Swimming at the waterfall 👌
Britt: Morning walks on the beach!

Hawaii is honestly paradise! It has the most beautiful landscape I’ve seen so far. I loved being there with Ricky. I think I could come back 100 more times and it will never be enough. Mahalo Hawaii, until the next surprise 🤙🤙